Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 3 Photos!

I am not so sure I like the bright light behind her but I LOVE the expression on her face.
We went for a walk Sunday afternoon and they all went to the cave or what ever you will call it and I decided to climbed up the hill and I found this beautiful flowers. I DON'T like caves.:-)


  1. Hey Mercy, this is Lindsey Z!....I LOVE this new blog, it's such a good idea. Your photos are just beautiful, you really have a gift for capturing lovely shots! Can't wait to see more! =)

  2. Hey Mercy!
    Your photos are amazing! I love them all! It's great to see your talent. This new blog is a great idea. I am thinking of starting another one up some time as well. It will probably be like an art gallery.
    Love you,

  3. Hey Mercy
    You truly has a gifting!!! These pictures as just STUNNING!!
    I love the one in you previous post with the water drops, the most! (but they all looks amazing!) I enjoy looking at your photos a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Linds, Thanks. I couldn't have done this with out God's help. Just so you know when a Lindsey Z come from the Zielinski's house I know it is you.:-):-)<3

    Jess, Thanks.Can't wait to see your new blog. How is the movie making going? Miss you and love you.

    Hey Heidi, Thanks,It took me all night to get that water drops and I also tried to get it in the morning.:-) I am sorry I haven't been able to write you. I have been busy working in the office and trying to finish school. I am still going to write you. Please say hi to everyone for me. Love you too..